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Divorce Appraisals

Going through a divorce or separation can be a difficult time for anyone. There are many decisions that must be made including what happens to certain assets such as the family home or maybe there is rental properties or land that need to have a value placed on them.

A divorce property settlement needs to be based on current fair market value of the property or properties. The first job of a real estate appraiser is to be sensitive to the situations, work with the necessary parties and be understanding, friendly and professional. Many times each party order's there own appraisal to be used in the divorce proceedings. These appraisals are then compared to help determine a value for the property that is acceptable to both parties and the court's if necessary.

A determination of value performed by a certified appraiser who is experienced with the area and has had experience with these types of appraisals is key in providing a well supported appraisal report in a divorce situation.

Carroll Appraisal Services can assure our clients will get the best professional service while being both courteous and friendly.

Often finances are challenging when going though a divorce and an appraisal is another expense to add to all the others. We understand and promise to offer the most competitive fees as well as a timely completion of you appraisal.

If your in need of an appraisal for a divorce or separation the give us a call.

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