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Need an Appraisal in Sandwich, MA?

We have been appraising residential homes in Sandwich for almost 20 years and acknowledge the importance of understanding the local real estate market and what it means for the appraisal process.

It is our obligation to recognize each neighborhood’s characteristics such as East Sandwich, Farmersville, Forestdale and Town Center. It is our pleasure to assist you with your questions, provide friendly & personal service, and to meet your complete satisfaction.

Interesting fact about Sandwich:

In the first half of the 20th century the most significant event for Sandwich was the completion in 1916 of the Cape Cod Canal. Remarkably, it was almost 300 years in coming. In 1623 the Pilgrims under the leadership of William Bradford and Miles Standish scouted the land between the Manomet and Scusset rivers, a traditional Native American portage, and determined this would be the best route for a canal. In 1697 the General Court of Massachusetts considered a formal proposal to build a canal, but no action was taken. In 1776 George Washington, concerned about its military implications, had the location examined, and further surveys took place in 1791, 1803, 1818, 1824-1830, and 1860. Attempts were made later in the century to actually dig the canal, but soon failed. Finally, in 1909 work was begun by the Boston, Cape Cod, and New York Canal Company that had been established by a New Yorker, August Belmont. The Cape Cod Canal is now the longest sea-level canal in the world.

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