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Pre-Purchase Appraisal

  Looks like the perfect time to buy, Prices our down and so are interest rates.

You have been waiting on the side lines and decided now is the time to buy. So, you have been looking for months and finally come across what appears to be the perfect home. You make an appointment to see it, love it, and want to put an offer in, but for how much. Is the asking price in a proper ranged? Is the market still dropping?Are there other people making offer's and is it for more? What should I do?

Have an pre-purchase appraisal done. This can make sense in many ways.

    1. An objective unbiased appraisal will give you an accurate reflection of value of the property you want to purchase and a basis for an offer.
    2. This information can be shared with the real estate and owner to show them an actual market value.
    3. An appraisal can reflect if the market is going up or down possibly it's stable and you offer can reflect the market conditions.
    4. Many buyer's can use the appraisal for tax abatement after they purchase their new home if the assessment is too high.
    5. There are times the appraisal can be used by your lender during the financing process. This may not always be the case. Talk to your appraiser about that possibility.
    6. There are time when a buyer and seller agree on a price and when the appraisal is done for the bank, the value does not come in. An pre-purchase appraisal can help avoid this.

Confirm that any appraiser you are considering hiring is familiar with the neighborhood the property your considering is located. Confirm that the appraiser you hire is license in your state and in good standing. Look for competitive fees professional and friendly service and because time is of the essence when buying, a fast completion time of you appraisal report.

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