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Need an Appraisal in Tiverton, RI?

We have been appraising residential homes in Tiverton for almost 20 years and acknowledge the importance of understanding the local real estate market and what it means for the appraisal process.

It is our obligation to recognize each village and neighborhoods characteristics such as Bliss Corner, Town Center, Eagleville and North Tiverton and it is our pleasure to assist you with the whole appraisal process to include answering all your questions, provide friendly & personal service, and to meet your complete satisfaction.

Interesting fact about Tiverton:

The British had captured Newport in December of 1776, and had taken over the rest of Rhode Island (a.k.a. Aquidneck Island). Tiverton Heights Fort had been erected in early 1777 (read its story in Tales of Tiverton) to protect the mainland and to prohibit any British from moving northeastward. On August 9th, the Battle of Rhode Island began with the crossing at Howland’s Ferry of 11,000 Continental line troops and militia. The French Navy blocked Narragansett Bay, forcing the British to scuttle their small naval force. The American Army, under Sullivan, landed at Rhode Island and forced the smaller British/German force to withdraw behind fortifications built around the Town of Newport.

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